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Custom Art Commissions
  • Portraits
  • Animation Fan Art
  • Murals
  • Custom Art prints
  • Accent Walls
  • Logo Replication
  • Famous brand simulation
  • Pet art
  • Holiday Art
  • Sports team art
  • Wearable art T-shirts
  • Artist inspired "remixes" (My take on another work)
  • "Remixed" Items (​any competitors unfinished or misguided canvas ,any preloved apparel that needs a "Remix",recycled item that can be repurposed.)

Party booking
  • adult or kids (2-12 yr must be supervised if under 5)
  • virtual or on location 
  • no party minimum 
  • party time 1-2 hrs (you can purchase additional time if needed)
  • no deposit at booking
  • book at any time for any occasion
  • now providing Hookah services
  • no experience required just the ability to have fun
  • we provide all painting necessities (paint/brushes/canvas/apron/brush cup/paint plate/brush drying cloth/easels/covering for tables/tarp for flooring/special effect item (glitter, glowing paint, texture medium /surprise gift (complimentary wine and alcohol for select 21+ parties)!!!
Vibe at home bundle
  • choose ANY art to be presketched
  • no physical contact needed
  • book online at least 1 day in advance
  • free local delivery on 2 or more bundles
  • kit includes all materials need to complete painting
Catering and Hookah services
        Enjoy our vast selection of catering and hookah options
  • Custom chacuterie boards with your choice of seasonal fruit an vegetables, lean meats and cheeses. 
  • Delectible trays of sweet savory meatballs, seafood or steak pasta, garden fresh salads. 
  • Custom cakes and other confectionary items.
  • Signature cocktails and a array of wines.
  • Premium flavored tobacco and your choice of single or four hose hookah with LED light options.  


Face painting
  • ​​2 yr and up party
  • party time slots from 1-4 hrs of face painting fun
  • painted with cruelty free washable paint
  • choose from the many options from ric and morty/spiderman/tic toc/my little pony/fortnite/mindcraft/spongebob/minions/billie eilish/cocomelon/unicorn/emojis/hello kitty/etc.
Comedic host booking
Will be a excellent addition to any event
  • birthday party
  • bachelorette party
  • members only luncheon
  • milestone celebration
  • gender reveal
  • team building
  • religious celebrations
  • family fun
  • sorority/fraternity chapter reunion
  • date night


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