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M.coaty x 1 Mic 1 brush was established may 2017 in houston texas by Artist/ comedian Madonna Coaty. M. Coaty part of the company is the artists personal collection of self created art for all to purchase. its name sake derives from her fathers last name to whom she credits most of her artistic abilities. 1 Mic 1 brush is a direct reflection of the dual talent that is being utilized to supply a entertaining experience. it's crest is a nod to popular culture of the 90's and the harlem renaissance era.


  • provides one to one replications specializes in urban art, "remixing" or fixing works of art.

  • captivates consumers with her witt and charisma to tailor an amazing exhibit.

  • delivers vivid art that appreciates in and adds value to any collectors aggregation.

  • favors body positive images,fashion, and nature, 

  • Depicts raw emotion and character in all her art she creates

1 mic 1 brush

  • is a art and entertainment company that specialize in vibe intensive comedic paint experience for diverse groups of all walks of life.

  • we Pride ourselves in providing a chill vibe that translates to all settings from Baby showers, company luncheons, to bachelorette parties. 

  • we are an Anti bulling, Anti sex trafficking, LGBTQ ally, self love promoter.

  • we are a gallery free sip an paint style events that gives you full autonomy to paint what ever you want.

  • we deliver every guest a stellar event that will never be forgotten.

Who is M.Coaty X 1M1B

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