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Paint Night Companies



 A rising self taught artist with over 15 years of experience in artistry and entertainment. She hails from Houston, Texas greater third ward area. She has created for some of the most prestigious organizations such as the Darcy Group, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Girls Elevated, Houston's Midtown Park, Home Talk,  and the Houston Texans. 


Something out of nothing

As a young child Madonna's parents noticed that she had a gift for art and creating. However while growing up funds were slim. So in order to continue her craft she had to up-cycle anything that could be used artistically. Hence forth the birthing of "Remixed Art & Apparel". As a preteen she was bullied for her weight and love of creating and drawing over average inner city kid activities. To add more to her life journey she'd lost a critical member of her family, her father. In order to cope with her obstacles she developed an comedic outlet which then became one of her signature assets. Being a true artist she developed a brand based on fun mood and vivid creativity that features canvas art, apparel, comedic party hosting, custom commissions, hookah rental, catering and more! 




I hope to use my artistic ability, intuitive nature ,and comedic banter to craft

   …....a vibe you'll never forget. 

   ...a fun experience you won't regret.

       -Madonna Coaty


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